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1919-2000) found in an important lake forest

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1919-2000) found in an important lake forest
two stainless steel abstract sculptures, jack arnold oversized chromed steel figurative sculpture by jack schuyler, 1989 stainless steel sculpture by albert feraud, 1970 beverly pepper polished stainless steel box/sculpture, signed and dated 1973 , stainless steel chicago, il 1stdibs seller since 2015 typical response time: 1 hour located in chicago, ilbronze, wood acrylic, bronze a stunning biomorphic abstract gilt bronze sculpture by seymour meyer| signed meyer 1/9; affixed on an new clear acrylic base| not shown in image| this is a bronze sculpture by the late eli karpel, '1916-1998' master sculptor who created abstract paintings and bronzes| this polished bronze piece is affixed to a circular base that | bronze, acrylic bronze, lucite aluminum, lucite paint, plaster paint, plaster a jo mead plaster lion's head painted sculpture mounted on a custom acrylic stand| jo mead (american, 1919-2000) found in an important lake forest, illinois david adler estate
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