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50w  solar system

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50w  solar system
50W  Solar System , 50Watt  Solar Home System Features Digital indication of working model Easy operation Smart control Overloading protection Short cricuit protection Reverse discharge protection Reverse polarity connection protection Over discharge protection Over charge protection Sui for household lighting TV,fan radio and computer. Not sui for Capacitive load ,as electric motor, refrigerator, air conditioning,Microwave and ovens. Solar panels and public grid,  two ways of charge to battery The solar home system can be mounted both indoors and outdoors on walls 50W  Solar System , 50Watt  Solar Home System Specification Model              CNCH-50W Solar panel power        50WP solar charge controller     12V10A solar inverter          300W Pure Wave Sine Inverter battery capacity         12V 38AH  Deep Cycle Battery Output voltage/frequency     110VAC/220VAC   50/60Hz Inverter conversion efficiency  85% Volume              0.08m 3 Weight              18.0Kg
100w solar kit , 100w solar panel system , 100w solar system china
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