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Car Parts Names

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Car Parts Names
Parts Of Your Car

Air cleaner/filter: Air is drawn through it. Contains a filter that blocks dirt before it can enter the engine.

Air intake manifold: Air is distributed into the combustion chamber.

Alternator: Takes over from the battery when the engine is running. Recharges the battery and supplies power to all electrical components.

Battery: Supplies the initial electrical power that starts the engine.

Carburetor: Most new cars now have fuel injected engines. Older vehicles have carburetors. This gadget mixes air and fuel in the proper ratio for burning in the engine’s combustion chambers.

Coolant reservoir (tank): Holds hot coolant (antifreeze) that overflows from the radiator and also draws back into the radiator as it is needed.

Distributor: Distributes high voltage electricity to the spark plugs, one at a time.
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