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China Cheap by dhl fedex 50pcs Sugar level meter handheld refraction tester automatic temperature concentration sugar measuring Instrument

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<>The body of refractometer is designed with streamline shape.The internal is built with optical glass lens.The wide cover plate guarantee the perfect match with the lens.The body is of high quality for being made of copper plating.The horizon is clearer for the upgrading of lens.

<>1.The scale is clear with the imported lens.

<>2.The refractometer is delicate for being made of copper plating.

<>3.The measurement is more accurate with Automatic Temperature Compensation.

<>4.The body is mainly made of metal with silica gel cover.

<>Material: Metal + Plastic

<>Color: as shown in figure

<>Measuring range

<>Sugar: 0-32%

<>Wort weight: 1 ~ 1.120

<>The proportion of wort: 0.002 mm

<>Wort proportion: 0.001

<>Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) : 10°C ~ 30°C (50°F to 86°F)

<>note : this product without retail box <>
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