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Feature of PTFE sheet

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 1.   High temperature resistance: It could work stable between 200°C and +260°C.


 2.    Low temperature resistance. It has excellent mechanical toughness in -180°C.


 3.     High lubricating property.


 4.    Excellent insulation property.


 5.    Nice non-sticky property.


 6.    Nonhazardous


 7.    Anti-corrosion.


 8.    Long durability


We are professional manufacturer of ptfe sheet with our own factory. The ptfe sheets could be exported USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, India, Russia, South Africa etc countries. We could cooperate with distributors, importers, wholesalers, dealers and end customers etc. Welcome to your inquiry for PTFE sheets and teflon sheets.


Our official website: http://www.hy-rubbers.com

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