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High School Science Lab Equipment List

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High School Science Lab Equipment List

Here are the grading rubrics for labs as well as a lab materials list. Enjoy!

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gif Lab Equipment (GIF 339 KB)
Here you will find a list of the main equipment you will be expected to use in activities and investigations throughout this year.

doc Safety in the Lab (DOC 40 KB)
Here you will find a list of lab safety guidelines to keep yourself and your classmates safe during activities and investigations.

doc Writing a Laboratory Report (DOC 27 KB)
Having trouble writing that report? Heres a step-by-step guide on how to set up and fill out your composition notebook for each write-up.

doc Safety Scenarios (DOC 62 KB)
Here are the safety scenario cards we used to study for our safety quiz. Review on your own if youd like!

doc Lab Grading Rubric (DOC 26 KB)
Take this lab grading rubric and tape, glue, or staple it to the inside of the back cover of your composition notebook.

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