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Low Price Box Kit Electic 14 18 MM Female Male Quartz Nail at Factory Price

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Wholesale Quartz E Dab Nail Box Kit Electic 14 18 MM Female Male Quartz Nail Electric Dab Nail Complete Kit Temperature Controller 100w Dabber Tools at Factory Price : US $ 58.30 - 88.76 / Piece

Please note the coil is Only 19.8MM Inner diameter barrel shape, no other sizes

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Heater Coil: 110VAC Plug is with black and yellow color,  1.5 Meter Length(5ft).

                   220VAC Plug is Black Color with 1.2 meter Length

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US fancier Nail is 110V 100W ,  EU and AU fancier nail are 220V 100W.

Also you can leave message when you order. Otherwise, we will delivery according to your Address!!

Packing for Fancier Nail kit:

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1x PID temperature controller

1x coil heater(19.8MM Only)
1x AC power cable(1.5m)
1x Quartz Nail

1x Quartz Cap

2x Silicone containers

1x Zipper Case

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Quality:We will ship you the items exactly the same as described. If there is any quality problem with our products,

pleasecontact us directly and send the effective evidences(photos,videosor other ways to show the problem clearly) in 48 hours,

we will try our best to help you fix it, pleaserest assured that!

Customs:We do not be responsible for any customs duty or import tax.

Shipping: We will keep eyes on it and inform you the specific information once the package under these special circumstance:

heavy weather, no space available in peak season and holidays. If the package delayed by other conditions, we will offer you

a discount of 1% in your next order.

Parcel lost: If the parcel lost in the normal delivery time and not under the above mentioned special circumstance,

kindly please wait for more 5 business days, we will reship to you after that.

Warranty period:atomizers:3 months  batteries:6 months  stater kit:1 months

We accept Credit Card, Bank transfer, Western Union other payment methods protected by DHgate. For more details, please check the link:


We will ship out the item withinin timeafter the payment confirmed by DHgate!  

Work: Monday - Saturday (excluding holidays)  

Important: We ship to your dhgate payment address ONLY.Please confirm it before paying.  

and mark the parcel as gift to help you avoid the high Customs.Thanks

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