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Wholesale Plain Spring Lock Washers

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Wholesale Plain Spring Lock Washers
Spring lock washers with square ends for cheese head screws DIN7980
If you are interested in our spring washers. Please connect with me as soon as possilble.Place of OriginShandong/ Zhejiang, China (Mainland)Brand NameHYModel NumberDIN 7980SizeM4-M36MaterialSpring steel, A2, A4 Surfaceplain ,BZP CR6+/CR3+, HDG, black ,YZPPackage20-25KG each carton ; small box into small cartons into pallet, then into 20GP containerBe Used for : Assort with bolts and nut for strength, mainly used in building and engineer.Documentspacking list, invoice, B/L, CO, FORM A, Quality certification or what you want
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