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ancestral tribal khmer region new york

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ancestral tribal khmer region new york
Two large antique Khmer pottery vases/urns in perfect, Classic forms and harmony. Each decorated with simple linear, incised decoration to the neck, upper body and foot. Smaller piece is H 15 x D 12.75. Origin: Ancestral Tribal Khmer Region.
New York, NY
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Two ancient terra cotta pottery vessels, Urns or Vases from the Khmer region of South East Asia. Sober forms that provides a complement to a Mid-Century or modern environment.
Two ancient khmer urns or vases. Dimensions: H 10.38 x D 8.5 and H 7.5 x D 9 Priced and sold inidually. References: Pottery, ceramics, tribal, rustic, ware, objects,...
A Khmer urn or vase with a sober, Classic form from the Khmer region of ancient Cambodia. Classic form, sober pieces such as these compliment sober, modern or Mid-Century Modern set...
Large ancient Khmer Urn or Vase in a sober, Classic form. The piece has varied and beautiful coloration due to the effect of time, humidity and weather on the clay structure. Khmer ...
Two of the most elegant and important ceramic works of Vallauris artist, Marius Musarra (France, 1910-1991). These French Mid-Century sculptures or vases are incredible decorative objec...
Vallauris, Voltz
Tall elegant French Mid-Century earthenware vase in a dynamic bright red glaze by Voltz, a ceramic artist who worked at Vallauris during the time of Picasso's tenure. Signed on bott...
A “Grand Tour” Cast Iron Etruscan Vase 19th Century Depicting classical Greek figures, with ring handles with a leaf motif on each side. Height 20 in. Vas INV. 9
A superb and very impressive pair of Adam style marble vases. Made in royal pink marble a warm and exciting marble that preserve inside a fantastic range of shade of colors, from pink t...
Gilt Metal, Marble
A nice pair of onyx and silvered bronze ornamental vases in the Robert Adam style. The three feet resting on circular onyx bases and decorated with ram's heads, topped by pinecone fini...
Ugo La Pietra, Ceramica Gatti
Large Architectural Off-White Stoneware Vessel. Featuring an egg shape, with satin glaze. Stands 24.5 inch height (Diameter opening 9.25). Great statement piece. Perfect for live or ar...
Marble, Spelter
Pair of French 19th Century Cast Iron Garden Urns, Vases
Pair of French 19th Century Cast Iron Garden Urns,...
Great pair of 19th century cast iron vases France, circa 1870 Weathered, one once restored. More pictures are available on request.
Pair of French 19th Century Cast Iron Garden Urns, Vases
Pair of French 19th Century Cast Iron Garden Urns,...
Beautiful pair of painted cast iron vases in a good condition, France, circa 1870.
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