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but there are others as well

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but there are others as well
Wood Pellet Mills differ from typical pellet mills in several primary ways. They are much lower geared to increase available torque and as a result they spin more slowly. Thus they are less productive when making pellets out of hay or grain than the higher geared feed pellet mills.. If you want to produce pellets for animal feed go back to the Feed Pellet Mills Page  But if you want to make wood pellets this is the right page for you.. As I said, wood pellet mills are more low geared. Smaller flat plate wood pellet mills will use a planetary gear arrangement either in place of the typical hypoid gears or in addition to them. Larger flat plate wood pellet mills typically change out the hypoid gear altogether and replace it with a worm gear transmission in an integrated right angle gear motor. There are other differences like thicker die, larger shaft diameter and beefier bearings but those items are unseen by the consumer and vary from one supplier to the next. Here are the ones I can supply readily, but there are others as well. Prices are always subject to change without notice. Please request a current price quote before making any financial decisions.
Josh parker March 18, 2015
colin leatham August 2, 2015
sorry found the prices, can the atrd400e have a diesel motor mounted on it cheers
Administrator August 14, 2015
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