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cubist handmade wood cello case from the 1900-1920s

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cubist handmade wood cello case from the 1900-1920s
max bill mid-century modernist marble sculpture "kubus", 1966 burmese alabaster sculpture, circa 1961 style of max ernst bronze sculpture, "rendez-vous d'amour", signed provenance french art deco sculpture of a walking black panther by max le verrier, 1930 multi-positional minimalist sculpture from the noted swiss artist,architect, and designer max bill in gilt brass titled "unit of three equal volumes" signed,dated and numbered " bill 2/5 1961| sculpture comes with a hand written letter from bill to original owner along with shipping documents and a original bill of sale| pawtucket, ri located in pawtucket, ristainless steel, steel, wire rare and large ceramic sculpture by pop ceramicist ka kwong hui| received a bfa in 1951 and a mfa in 1952 from alfred university, new york| an excellent and early example of albert paley's work, this plant stand incorporates all of paley's mastery of ironwork| includes original slate surface| signed and dated 1989
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