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dark blue and yellow paint

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dark blue and yellow paint
large folk art swan decoy in carved and painted wood, new england, 20th century hen merganser hunting decoy attributed to john dawson folk art, americana canada goose decoy, attributed to samuel soper, circa 1910 merganser hen decoy, 1890-1920 chicago, il located in chicago, ilunique folk art hand made wooden chair turned to or bench| table size: h 28|5", l 30", d 24"| wood, metal wood, metal unique large folk art instrument prop made from a drum, cello neck and guitar neck| cowhide, wood wood, canvas 20th century folk art queen king game cards oil paintings by julius, hand painted on canvas| newly framed in wooden frames| canvas, wood, paint a rare, oversized painted canvas-covered slat canada goose decoy by joseph lincoln (1859-1938), accord (hingham), massachusetts| geese and brant were highly sought waterfowl by spor| a carved and painted flying mallard decoy attributed to carver augustus aaron 'gus' wilson (1864-1950) of south portland, maine
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