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emerging from a gilt ca

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emerging from a gilt ca
Glazed Ceramic Sculpture "Child with fish" in the Style of Louis Sue, circa 194
London, United Kingdom
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Contemporary sculpture in grès porcelain by Jean Paul Gourdon (b. 1956) The dromedary is richly adorned with fringing, saddle bags etc; seated on top is the figure of a Tuareg in tradi...
European Alabaster Sculpture of Three Dogs Playing, circa 1800
Alabaster sculpture of three dogs. The dogs are remeniscent of French, late 18th-early 19th century paintings of hunting dogs and the curly hair on the shoulders makes them look like wo...
A Chinese wood and gesso coloured head of a Buddha retaining some of the original colour, Shanxi province, 19th century. Please note we are members of LAPADA and CINOA.
Carved santo in wood with original polychrome painted face and hands. With joints at the shoulders, elbows and wrists.
Each painted black with vibrant gold decoration of oriental gentlemen on the frontal, both in an extensive landscape led with trees, urns, bridges, rocks and owers. Labelled on the back...
Decorated with a rococo design in relief, with flowers and a parrot. The lid lifts off with a sculpted dog. Stamped on the base by the maker “La Hache de Porcelaine” (1657-1802). The...
Decorated in blue and white with a Rococo design in relief, with a matching posey of flowers to include roses and tulips depicted on each. Stamped by the maker 'PB' on the base. The...
With six scrolling arms and one central arm in ormolu holding the candles mounted on a reeded patinated column, emerging from a lower leaf and berry cast column, emerging from a gilt ca...
This very fine terra cotta sculpture was a high-end creation of the Keramos ceramic company in Vienna. Although the company produced its share of populist pieces, it also created very ...
Antonia Salmon, own studio, UK "Grooved Ring" top sculpture in smoke fired stoneware with textured and smooth surfaces and matte cream burnished surface with black spots. Height ...
Philip Cornelius Porcelain or Teapot with Lid, Sculpture Signed Dated
Philip Cornelius Porcelain or Teapot with Lid, Scu...
Ceramic, Porcelain
Just a beautiful teapot or ceramic vessel by the well-known artist, Philip Cornelius, this piece shows 1981, Pasadena and signature in bottom.
Fantastic Madoura Ceramic Sculpture in the Taste of Picasso, circa 1960
Fantastic Madoura ceramic sculpture circa 1960, stamped Madoura Plein Feu.
"Walking Panther" terracotta by Irénée Rochard signed, circa 1930. Little chip at the base. Marked "Editions Reveyrolis Paris."
Herman August Kähler, Kai Nielsen
Stoneware Sculpture of Faun with Matte Sung Glaze by Knud Kyhn, 1930
Ceramic, Stoneware
Knud Kyhn for Royal Copenhagen. Stoneware sculpture of faun with matte Sung glaze, 1930. Measures: Height 13 1/2" (34.5cm), width 9 1/2" (24cm). Incised "20230", square. Painted thre...
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