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every pinhole has to be filled

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every pinhole has to be filled
tany foundry has been working hard to test different approaches to achieve high quality polished finishing on bronze and stainless steel cast sculptures| we’d like to introduce three proven effective tips to artists on how we polish on sculptures| tip 1: chasing and finishing bronze casting very carefully| the quality of chasing is closely related to the final quality on polished finishing| therefore, every imperfection has to be fixed; every pinhole has to be filled| the surface before polishing has to be very smooth and consistent| good quality casting is the foundation for nice polishing| one thing worth noting is that unlike stainless steel fabrication , it is difficult to achieve mirror polishing finishing on stainless steel casting| tip 2: choosing polishing tools carefully| we employ multiple step polishing approach| for the preliminary polishing process, we use rough polishing wheel then proceed to use finer polishing material| use while polishing compound first, when use green compound
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