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i would love for you to share and pin this post below

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i would love for you to share and pin this post below
october 29, 2012 by shanty2chic**so happy to have you here!  make sure to follow us on  pinterest  and  facebook  to stay up to date on our posts!** update!  many of you have requested the brand of air tight canisters i use|  here is a link to them on amazon!  they also qualify for free shipping… whoop!  i use all 3 sizes! hey hey guys! hope you all had a great weekend! i really appreciate all of your shares and pins on my prindiv banner letters !  i will be sharing even more later on this week! today i am sharing a quick tutorial on how i made my labels for my pantry makeover|  these are so simple, and now i am fighting the urge to make labels for the entire house ;-)! i have 2 types of chalkboard labels|  the labels i am sharing today turned out like this… these are super simple!  it’s all about finding the supplies|  i found everything on amazon… i sort of love amazon| i knew i wanted to have the look of a chalkboard, so i decided to use chalkboard contact paper
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