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imitation frp barrels

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imitation frp barrels
one request, multiple quotes get the app guangzhou chunke environmental technology co| cheap water tank/best sale sterilization tank/water filter tank for water treatment, storage vessel, stainless steel 304 or 316 free inspection us $ 25 - 15,000 / piece 1 piece/pieces (min| order) product details guangdong, china (mainland), guangdong, china (mainland) chke, chunke many models, 0|5t stanless steel 304,316about our company: guangzhou chunke environmental technology co|, ltdis a scientific enterpruise, which is specialized in water treatment equipment and accessories of research and development , production, sales and service | production and management: cartridge filter, bag filter, mechanical filter, lon exchanger, imitation frp barrels, ozone mixing tower, sterile water tank, stainless steel membrane shells, hollow-fiber mambrane, ultraviolet radiation sterialization device, ozone generator, and water treatment equipment and so onspecification for stainless steel sterile water tanks performance characteristics 1, sterile water tank using new craft tech nique manufacturing, internal without tensil sinew, box wall without right angle, have no dirt, easy cleaning, accord with international general recognition of gmp hygiene standards
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