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kingstown counter stools

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kingstown counter stools
kingstown counter stools, scandinavian-inspired design by studio dunn saddle, handmade contemporary ebonized walnut wood stool hedra 14m, steel stool or table with deep blue patina, by topher gent louis xvi style giltwood bench or banquette with linen upholstery, circa 1860 rare mid-century fritz hansen armchair high back no 1669, danish 1940's rare set of six solid rosewood "idlor" armchairs by angelo mangiarotti, 1968 pair of armchairs, signed arman glow chair in aqua, handmade from cast recycled resin, acrylic and plastic jules leleu, pair of art deco side chairs, france, circa 1925 "corsican chair" by yardsale project, uk, 2011 modern and contemporary stools antique stools antiques, vintage and modern furniture © 1stdibs, inc
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