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made in sweden in the 1960s

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made in sweden in the 1960s
this dux mid century scandinavian design wood frame sofa, 1960s is no longer available| view similar items view more lodge or cottage style mid-century scandinavian leather modular sofa, 1960s arne norell sofa with hardwood frame, scandinavian modern 1960s| 1960s wicker sofa with teak frame, design from ddr mid-century modern sofa sectional, circa 1960s danish olive brown leather three-seat sofa mid-century, 1960s mid-century modern danish three-seat leather sofa, 1960s 1960s, danish mid-century palisander three-seat sofa scandinavian modern leather and teak wood sofa, 1960s dux mid century scandinavian design wood frame sofa, 1960s this is the wood frame sofa that inspired the masses| extremely well made, very comfor, solid wood sofa by dux (with the metal dux tag still on the bottom)| if you love the delicate look of an open frame wood mid-century sofa but are concerned that you need one sturdy enough for the kids, the dog and your sons football team to hang out on then this is the sofa for you
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