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maybe charm is what you are searching for

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maybe charm is what you are searching for
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MAGIC-WHIMSY-CHARM—Oh My!! April 1, 2012 By Jackie Overom Is there magic in your garden?  Is your garden whimsical?  Maybe charm is what you are searching for.  A fairy garden might just be the gardening adventure for you.  It is said that fairies are always looking for a special place to call home.  They are not very good home builders themselves, so they look for special places in the garden.  Whether it is under that special mushroom or in a mini-mansion created just for them, you will find fairies bring joy to each place they visit.  At Pahl’s Market we have everything you need to create a wonderful home for the wee little characters.  You can start as simple as placing a miniature and chairs under that large hosta leaf.  Fairies love to take breaks and want an inviting spot you can create for them.  If you want to take things a few steps further we can help you out with a lovely little cottage.  Of course, the little cottage will need some landscaping, and that is when all your creativity can soar.  There are garden fences, trellises, arbors, planters, benches, bridges, gates and all kinds of accessories you can use to embellish your little creation. Then, once you have the hardscape and accessories, you may need miniature plants.  You can choose from Pahl’s large selection of small, slow growing rock garden fairy plants.  Need a hedge?  We can provide that!  Maybe you can plant a small evergreen by the front door.  No problem!  Possibly put a little sedum down to creep along a fairy path. We can handle that too!  Pahl’s Market would love to introduce you to the world of fairy gardening.  Not only is it a great way to create a lovely little garden, but you may just have those special little friends move right in.  It is rumored that fairies leave blessings wherever they go.  I think it sounds like a winning combination.  Fairies, fun and a few blessings flying around!  We invite you to come in today and begin gardening with imagination!
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Bernadette Wolff April 2, 2012 at 11:03 am #
I really like the fairy tale email and, Jackie is such a wonderful person to hang out with and it would be an opportunity to work around Jackie. I was at her home garden last year in July and hope to be back to see her garden again this year. Pahl’s is my shopping ground and would love to be a part time employee someday. Reply
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