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nv located in las vegas

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 located in las vegas
serveware, ceramics, silver and glasssilver, flatware and silverplate , bronze las vegas, nv located in las vegas, nvdated 1937 set of four bentwood cafe bistro chairs and | in the style of thonet this is a small proportion cafe set| american made by great northern chair co| chicago, il| art deco era gilbert rohde oak and glass occasional table, circa 1940 coffin shape covered in black lacquer with stylized elephant head legs and reverse faux silver leafed glass top, circa 1950s| all legs hand-carved| tusks are of lighter wood (not | a matched pair of lacquered side s by designer batistin spade of paris, france| square with four posts with 4 feet| deep red color with bronze trim, column rings and feet| metal| spectacular pair of fluttering bronze koi on a stepped verdigris copper base side s, circa 1940s| the warm golden aged patina of these is amazing as is the natural verdigris coppe| small-scale drafting by post drafting materials, circa 1930s| completely original and un-restored
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