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ny located in long island

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 located in long island
american cast iron three tiered decorative fountain, fiske , ny | circa 1860 j| fiske horse and jockey weathervane, circa 1890 set of two victorian cast iron whippets, c| late 19th century , glass long island, ny located in long island, nya late 19th century cast iron fish tank by j w fiske, ny| the fish tank has just been repainted black| there is no glass presently on the tank but the former owner had glass cut but nev| a cast iron fountain, with 3 full bodied beautifully detailed egrets, the fountain maintains some of its original blue paint, but has large areas showing rustification| the detail of th| glass, iron iron, zinc a victorian cast iron and zinc dog maintaining the remainder of old gray paint, the dog was made in ny, circa 1870 and is attributed to either fiske or mott, both well know cast iron fo| a cast iron birdhouse, signed miller iron co| providence rhode island and dated april 14 1868| this birdhouse is an exact replica of a victorian home that exists in roslyn harbor ny
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