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on a raised pedestal base in black

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on a raised pedestal base in black
göran wärff modern art glass vase for kosta boda, unica 1950s teak dansk canoe bowl by jens quistgaard, denmark 1950s dansk teak gondola bowl by jens quistgaard, denmark home / furniture / serveware, ceramics, silver and glass / serving bowls a decorative amber colored art glass bowl, with conical oval shape on cobalt base, with the inclusion of small controlled bubbles, by swedish designer göran wärff, produced by kosta boda, sweden| markings include: inscription on the bottom ‘kosta boda g| warff 7050206’, sticker ‘artist’s choice kosta boda’, sticker ‘kosta boda sweden 1742’| very good vintage condition| kosta boda (manufacturer), new york, ny 1stdibs seller since 2010 typical response time: 1 hour located in new york, nyholmegaard, per lutken holmegaard a scandinavian modern blown glass 'selandia' dish, designed by per lutken for holmgaard, produced circa 1950s-1960s, in cobalt blue with abstract curved rim and convex center
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