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s branded initials an unusual

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s branded initials an unusual
unusually large, thick walled antique burl wood mortar made of a dense, heavy wood, the antique hand-carved bowl has a flat bottom and tapered sides| chisel marks are readily seen| great barrington, ma located in great barrington, maexceptional blue, oval shaped root bowl from northern sweden| very nice patina, manufactured mid-1700s| a large, primitive antique american dough bowl with thick walls and original faded exterior red wash| adds warmth and color to any space| three gracefully shaped, light colored solid stone mortars from shanxi province, china| these nicely textured pieces are sui for many uses and work perfectly as shelf decoration| metal, wood a large civil war era industrial mortar and pestle, circa 1860, in cast iron, with great untouched black painted finish| brass, softwood unusual english 19th century brass bound dough trench, a shallow long bowl with four spindle handles all carved from a single bock of larch, having the owner's branded initials, l
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