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s study and sculpture project engineering experience accumulation

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s study and sculpture project engineering experience accumulation
Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co.,Ltd Sino Sculpture Group
Who we are ? How to fabricate the stainless steel sculpture ? Which type of stainless steel sculpture we done ? Sino Sculpture Group is leading stainless steel sculpture fabricaton fondry /Factory in Beijing China . 3D Mold creation , Precision design for stainless steel scultpure . 2015 Sky mirror stainless steel sculptures length 24 meters, height 6.5 m Front mirror polshing stainless steel,back stainless steel with rock texture. BEIJING SINO SCULPTURE GROUP is professional stainless steel sculpture manufacturer, Located at Beijing, Capital of China, Precision stainless steel sculpture fabrication ,Large stainless steel sculpture fabrication, mirror plishing stainless steel sculpture fabricaition, large scale stainless steel sculpture installation . 3 Dimensional stainless steel sculpture forge /welding technology and large sculpture artwork forging are our advantage. Through long year’s study and sculpture project engineering experience accumulation, we have been continue enhance our craftsmanship level to satisfy with different requirement of new artwork. Through common effort, we overcome a lot of difficulties and realized the stainless steel sculpture with artist sculptor. we both fabricate the stainless steel sculpture and good at design the interior structure with europe and USA standard . SINO SCULPTURE CO is nominated sculpture manufacturer of two top fine art universities Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and Academy of Arts Design, Tsinghua University. In the past 10 years, we have been fabricated more than 100 pcs of high quality stainless steel sculptures for academy, our factory has been with the with artist, sculptor or enterprise from Australia, Middle East, Asian, Canada, American, European, UK, Norway etc. 2009 our enterprise started to use 3 D create mold technology for design and precision stainless steel sculpture fabrication work .same time, we have 3 Dimension scan and painting technology to enlarge and fabricate the stainless steel sculptures. SINO SCULTPURE CO has 20 years stainless steel sculpture fabrication and engineering history, worked with artist, sculptor and owner more than 30 countries, we dedicated to be best stainless steel sculpture fabrication factory in the world. Main Performance 2015 Large sky mirror stainless steel sculpture for river art sculpture park 2014 Dream Boat sculpture (artist Wu Weishan, Yin Xiaofeng ) Length 50 m length . stainless steel polish Contemporary stainless steel sculpture located at Nanjing Train Station. 2014 Large contemporary stainless steel sculptures 21 pieces,( artist sculptor all over the world ) Sculpture Located at Qingdao International Horticultural Expo 2013 20 m height bright pearl sculpture (Artist Duan Huasong ), Material : Stainless steel sculptures Located at Qingdao High technology development district . 2011 Chongqing Sculpture (Artist PB Wang) Width 38 m Height 20 m , Material: White color lacquered with stainless steel , Sculpture located at Chongqing City 2009 Sculpture : FUTURE , height 16 m Height Liaoning , Material : Lacquered white stainless steel sculptures , contemporary sculptures 2008 15 pieces of custom stainless steel sculpture for Olympic stadium and park . Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co.,Ltd is a stainless steel sculpture manufacturer from China, we have our own stainless steel sculpture factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects over the world.
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