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thank you admin september 24

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thank you 
 admin september 24
2. Off grid solar system Off grid, stand alone solar power solutions can not connect electricity grid. off grid solar system including solar panels, inverter, regulator and a battery bank. off-grid solar system can runs a small efficient refrigerator, stereo, computer, lights and TV. big power off grid solar syste can use washing machine or even power tools,air conditioner. We can help you to design the specific off grid solar system according to your specific requirements in terms of installation conditions, geography and installation capacity. 2.1. Solar Lighting System
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Phone charger,vadio
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vijitha September 11,2012 04:19 AM # I would like to get information including prices of your solar off-grid systems also. thank you
admin September 24,2012 01:06 AM # Thank you for your inquiry Can you describe the location of the system installation, how much load Sales will send email to you Thank you
Mohamedzafarullah September 22,2012 11:03 AM # I would like to get information for single house lighting system prices of your solar off grid. Thank you
admin September 24,2012 01:04 AM # Good day Thank you for your inquiry Sales will email to you
Logesh September 22,2012 08:25 PM # I am from India I would like to install Big Off Grid to take care of whole home. May i know what would be the cost
admin September 24,2012 01:01 AM # Thank you for your inquiry Sales will email to you
admin September 25,2012 01:12 AM # Hi Mr Danate.M Thank you for your inquiry. Is you need grid tied pv system or off grid solar system? Sales will send email to you Thank you Admin
Amit Gurudev September 28,2012 04:52 PM # Hello Sir, I am from India I like to have Home solar system (Off Grid)with 300W Mono Crystalline Solar Panel. Please send details including the cost in Indian currency and are you able to deliver these components in India or not!! If yes then what is the mode of delivery etc. Thanks (Amit Gurudev)
palwinder October 03,2012 01:38 AM # Hi i would like to get some price info regarding grid tied pv system and off grid solar system, including installation and delivery cost for daily kilowatt hours around 50w for my home in a village area with effective daily sun. i would really appreciate if you could provide alternative price for low cost solar panel and high efficiency solar panel separately. location- north India price inquiry- in US $ or in Indian currency, including delivery and installation cost. time- days to get delivery equipment – Solar Grid-Tie, Solar Panels, Inverter and Battery/charger. thanks in advance for your reply. palwinder singh.
Rick G December 13,2012 03:14 PM # If you would please, send me the info and price of a off grid Solar system. Thank you in advance Rick
syed December 26,2012 02:54 PM # I would like get price and information for the solar panel for my farm house to run the following 4 air condition 2ton 4 fans 1 refregerator 200 ltr 5 fans 20 tube lights 1 water pump Please quote me best solution with prices location : Hyderabad, India
Haraprasad February 08,2014 10:40 AM # Hi, I am from India. I would like get price and information for the solar panel for my house. 3 fan 6 tube light 1 refrigerator 165lt 1 tv Please quote me best solution with prices Thanks
jose Queirolo February 28,2014 11:18 AM # Quisiera que me cotizaran el set CNCH-10KW con inverter CNCF20KW cables ,extrutura Etc.
Kei December 28,2015 10:46 PM # Dear CinCo, I would like to have more technical information about the SEDA system and the interface between grid and the inverter. Also, please provide me with the price information for average 1 KW, off gird and 10KW on grid system delivering in Canada or in Africa. Regards,
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