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the equator

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the equator
art deco style coral, onyx, diamond and pearl white gold tassel necklace since 1839, masriera has been one of the most emblematic symbols of the creative talent possible in jewelry| lluis masriera, one of the most representative jewelers and enamellers of art nouveau turned jewelry into a veri art form| lluis masriera perfected the technique of translucent and opaque enamels, which gave rise to "barcelona enamel"| all the original masriera pieces from the 1800's are in private collections| they continue their legacy through the implementation of their original casts to create new jewelry| "stunning" is a word long exhausted in jewelry descriptions, yet it is the only word to describe this necklace| carmel-by-the-sea, ca located in carmel-by-the-sea, cahand made of 18k yellow gold, with white diamonds set in platinum| the necklace contains a |92- and a |56 carat cabochon emerald and a total of |36 carats of old european cut diamonds| an immaculate example of a classic victorian mourning locket, made of gold with a black enamel front and bale, set in the center with a
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