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the first or bottom most tier

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the first or bottom most tier
serveware, ceramics, silver and glasssilver, flatware and silverplate italian gray marble fluted pedestal, circa 1870 american marble and onyx campaign pedestal, new york, circa 1880 italian marble top circular and bulbous garden pedestal table, circa 1860 french bulbous onyx pedestal, circa 1890 los angeles, ca located in los angeles, cafrom the national american building, formerly located at 340 madison avenue, new york city| this building was constructed in 1927 and was designed by the renowned architect joseph h| iron, wrought iron pair of 1910 wrought iron gates by samuel yellin, considered to be one of the greatest artist blacksmiths| salvaged from a philadelphia bank| the frame of each door is exactly 118| bronze, iron salvaged from a theater in brooklyn, new york, circa 1920| three-tier wrought iron frame| the first, or bottom most tier, has an inverse dome consisting of twelve curved lights of amber| bronze, iron pair of antique figural andirons, highly detailed
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