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they lend a look that is warm

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they lend a look that is warm
serveware, ceramics, silver and glasssilver, flatware and silverplate pair of english art deco column lamps in onyx| the rectangular columns standing on square two tier bases| re-electrified for the uk, they could be electrified for the us at a small extra cost| for further details, condition reports and shipping queries, please telephone us on +44 207 610 6783 or visit our web site at www|com london, united kingdom located in london, gbormolu, tôle bronze, glass, paint painted red and decorated with palmettes and urns in gold paint| with the original crystal oil reserves at the top of the lamp| shown with 22” silk lampshades in ivory, available sep| brass, glass, tin pair of gilt bronze candlesticks, the central column in the form of a quiver full of arrows| the bases decorated with a border of crossed arrows| converted to lamp| brass, nickel ormolu, porcelain pair of 19th century imari porcelain vases, the decoration in gold, blue and red on a white ground| with gilt bronze mounts in the louis xvi style with lion's head handles holding rings
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