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this snail may be small

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this snail may be small
0,00 € total 0,00 € total 20,00 € sing dance sing dance is the fun way to learn english singing, playing and| the snail and the whale big book the best-selling picture book, now available in big book format! this snail may be small, but she's determined to see the world – so she hitches a lift on the tail of an enormous whale| it's an unlikely partnership, but when the whale gets into difficulties he discovers just how good a friend a snail can be | perfect for classroom use, this whale-sized edition includes activity ideas, and words and music for the snail and the whale song| paperback: 32 pages publisher: macmillan children's books; 2 edition (6 july 2007) language: english isbn-10: 0230013880 isbn-13: 9780230013889 product dimensions: 37 x 41| store information english wooks, c/ miguel navarro 4 bajo 46015 valencia españa call us now: 96 326 57 98 email: info@englishwooks.es run rabbit, run! bull; englis
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