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very economical and has higher combusion and heating efficiencies

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very economical and has higher combusion and heating efficiencies
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Premium quality wood pellets. This product is made in Thailand for alternative fuel, very economical and has higher combusion and heating efficiencies. Our company is committed to supply wood sawdust pellets to your business in active production. SPB Wood's wood pellets fuel exported world wide, very welcome to visit our factory in Thailand! Fullfill Din plus; ENplus A1 quality requirements. FOR BOILER USE - INDUSTRIAL USE Specifications We have been producing wood pellets for more than 8 years,we are very professional with the wood pellets - Our factory utilized high quality wood pellets making machine from Germany for higher quality and consistancy. - We can do OEM packing for our customers accordingly. - Use high quality material for faster buring rate and solid wood pellets shapes. - 20' Containers : 15 tons jumbo bags - 40' Containers : 25 tons jumbo bags We are one of the biggest wood pellets factory in Thailand, with great competitive price!! Section Unit Limit of Range Diameter mm 6~8 Length mm 20-40mm Weight kg/m3 Min.680 Humidity %wt Max.10 Net CV (As Received Basis) kcal/kg Min. 4,200 Air Dried Basis %wt Max.3.0 Chlorine %wt Max.0.05 Sulfur %wt Max.0.05 ITD °C Min. 1,180 AS mg/kg Max. 1.0 Cd mg/kg Max. 0.5 Cr mg/kg Max. 10 Cu mg/kg Max. 10 Pb mg/kg Max. 10 Hg mg/kg Max. 0.05 Ni mg/kg Max. 10 Zn mg/kg Max. 100
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