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vintage industrial machine age nickel or chrome plated hoist

  user : 1stdibs · date : 2017-11-14 20:54:54 · browse : 3 · original
vintage industrial machine age nickel or chrome plated hoist
1970s, mid-century modern, pop art, polished chrome, square, 3-d wall sculpture huge op art woven wall sculpture panel, 1970s cathedral city, ca 1stdibs seller since 2008 typical response time: 2 hours located in cathedral city, catitled "zuni mesa" and signed illegibly, mounted on a textured wood frame| assemblage of hand-carved redwood tools, gears and pulleys with metal serial numbers| this piece was part of the bullocks, los angeles store display| black and white three-dimensional painting titled "oracle"| signed "zellinger" in relief and dated 1976 from the visual arts exhibit in ontario, canada| glazed and etched tiles combined with wood blocks, mounted on a wood background| acquired from the los angeles county museum of art, kirby was part of the 1960s art scene in san diego| using paint, plaster and wood, in relief, to create this haunting image| arthur court antelope wall sculpture polished aluminum| large wall sculpture in very good condition, ram’s head
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