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we can also customized our designs in any size you need

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we can also customized our designs in any size you need
whatsapp: +8617332378251, wechat: artgallery668 polished stainless steel sculptures for sale item no: ssc-066 size: h200cm material: #304,#316 stainless steel leading time: 20 days for manufacturing art-quality welding chasing + automotive electroplate or paint contact us for the lowest price (usually our price including all costs from our foundry to your home is 20%-45% lower than your local) we can customize this sculpture in any size you need and tens of popular patinas /colors are also available for you to choose| to protect our copyright, there are so many designs that we can not place on this website| welcome to contact us for full catalogs| all our stainless steel sculptures are undercovered by following guarantee policies question 1: are you a foundry? yes, we owns one stainless steel foundry with more than 3500 square meters where we use the most advanced casting technique to cast every stainless steel sculpture| question 2: do you accept custom orders? yes, absolutely
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